Retreat at Kenwood Exterior

The Retreat at Kenwood believes Assisted Living should focus on celebrating life through promoting self-determination in a way that recognizes and honors your unique identity, life story and preferences. It’s like a highly skilled helping hand that offers support when you need it, and salutes you when you don’t.

The Retreat at Kenwood starts with our pre-residency assessment process. Perhaps the most comprehensive of its kind, this thorough yet easy process helps to evaluate your unique cognitive, physical, medical, nutritional and other health and safety needs. Our caring experts don’t stop there; we also learn your life story. Family, interests, work history, current routines and lifestyle preferences all play a role in helping us determine the right care plan. On-going assessments then guide us in making adjustments or improvements to your customized care plans.

No two Assisted Living situations are alike at The Retreat at Kenwood. Using individualized assessments, our experienced experts create a twenty four hour a day, seven day a week activity-focused, and customized care plan specifically for you. The plans incorporate specific integrated aspects of wellness, while encouraging and welcoming family involvement.